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Shape your destiny

What is Shape Your Destiny 1:1 Mindset Coaching?

Inside my 1:1 6-month coaching programme, I work with determined as f*ck womxn who know deep down that they are capable of creating their deepest desires; but are struggling to break free from their limitations.

They are ready to invest in themselves to make the change required to bring their vision into reality. 

They are fed up of holding themselves back, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated and constantly being paralysed by their fears. 

They are ready to take back control, release their negative thought patterns and beliefs, and unfulfilling behaviour patterns like procrastination, self-sabotage, imposter syndrome and perfectionism.

They are open to create space to uncover their true self, connect to their Inner Empowered Womxn, and finally give themselves permission to show up energised, confident and unapologetically embody the true badass they are.

Whether you are navigating career progression / transition, or you are a wellbeing entrepreneur struggling with self-doubt, burnout, stress, overwhelm, anxiety or perfectionism, or you want to dare to dream bigger than you even believe is possible right now; then the 1:1 Shape Your Destiny Mindset coaching can provide you with long term support, guidance, tools and insights to make lasting, transformational change.

We will come together to cultivate a deeply supportive and empowering relationship, focused solely on your needs to enable you to become the womxn capable of bringing your dreams in reality.

Some sessions will leave you feeling uplifted and other times it will feel uncomfortable and challenging. Progress isn’t linear but I promise to meet you exactly where you are, and if you show up authentically with determination to create shifts in your life, there will be change. 

This coaching requires you to be ready to take responsibility for where you are right now, to have a willingness to face your fears, be open to insight and to take action.

Because insight is nothing without action.

When we meet each other in the middle, a chemical reaction will occur and your life will change. It won’t always feel easy, but it is necessary. And the moments of greatest discomfort are so often where the greatest transformative growth occurs.

We will work together to move you from the trajectory you are on right now, living into a default life; to a place where you can choose how to shape your destiny; from a place of purpose, authenticity and inner power. 

I have coached clients in a number of areas:

▵help to overcome a sense of stuckness or being in a rut;

▵support in uncovering limiting beliefs and re-writing their internal narrative;

▵overcoming fears and taking action;

▵ building confidence;

▵the comparison trap;

▵goal setting and creating powerful visions;

▵cultivating habits to support their transformation;

▵becoming an effective leader in their business;

▵showing up powerfully and authentically in personal and business relationships;

▵understanding their values and living aligned to them;

▵stress, overwhelm and negative self-talk.


▵A bespoke coaching programme completely personalised and tailored to you.

▵A supportive, thinking partner who is solely interested in your progress and development towards the person you want to become and your goals.

▵A safe space for you to think and speak out your thoughts, even things you’ve never said out loud before, with complete safety to feel all of your feelings.

▵A deeper awareness of your inner selves and how they show up in your day to day life.

▵A chance to slow down. Sometimes we need to slow down so we can connect more deeply to our purpose.

▵An opportunity to dive deeply into your world, to gain insights into what is serving you and what is holding you back.

▵A chance for you to envision how you want you and your life to be and an opportunity to create the clarity needed to take positive actions to move towards the life you truly want and deserve.

▵A deeper connection to yourself and your intuition, and increased emotional intelligence.

▵Tools and strategies to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs, that you can continue to draw upon beyond the coaching journey.

▵A fully committed coach in your corner (during and inbetween sessions) who will empower you in every interaction and champion your growth and development.    

▵An entirely new way of seeing your world that invites in excitement, passion, purpose and joy everyday.

 My clients invest from £3333 – £4000+ for their journey. And more importantly, they also commit fully to invest their time and energy into their transformation. 

Payment plans available.

If you are drawn to transform your life from the inside out, book in your complimentary discovery call now (click the link below). We will spend up to an hour together to explore where you are right now and where you want to be, and if we are a good match.

Shape your life

What is Shape Your Life 1:1 Intensive strategy day?

A 1-on-1 day-long intensive designed to:

reset your thinking

connect you to your vision

kickstart you on your journey

In the Shape Your Life Strategy day, we will be doing a full health check of your values and beliefs, dive into what is holding you back, what your strongest assets are and we will start to bring your big vision for life into your horizon, with the overall objective of gifting you a greater sense of clarity. And we are going to start to break down exactly what it is you need to be doing right now to start to making that a reality. 

The day comes with an extensive workbook which includes a bunch of exercises that we will work through together. I will fully support you throughout the entire process.

Also included is a 1-on-1 following up coaching session, within 90 days of completing the strategy as some additional support for you. This is really a way to check in with how you’re doing and to discuss what you might want to explore in more detail. And finally, a comprehensive goal setting exercise will be gifted to you after the strategy session, to encourage and support you in creating further clarity on your longer-term goals aligned to your vision.

Step 1 – Getting clear on your identity: values & beliefs

Before we tackle the big vision or your goals or even how you want your life to look, we are going to raise your self-awareness around your identity through your values and beliefs.

Bringing in concepts of NLP, we will explore some of the key elements that make up your identity.

Outcome – You will have a greater self-awareness of your core values and key beliefs that you hold. Change starts from awareness – you can’t change what you don’t know!

 Step 2 – Creating your vision

Here, we will explore your vision through some powerful exercises. I will spark your creativity and flow state and invite you to dare to dream of what you want your life to look and feel like, and how you want to show up in the world.

Outcome – Clarity and understanding of the life you want to create, your purpose and mission.

Step 3 – What is your why?

An exploration of why this is so compelling for you to take action. Why MUST this happen?

Outcomea breadth of reasons that will motivate you to take consistent action towards your vision, and a greater connection to these reasons.

Step 4 – Aligning your identity to your vision

We will revisit your values and beliefs and discover which ones are supporting your vision and which don’t. We will uncover those that serve you and are aligned to your future, and those which are holding you back and are limiting your progress.

Through another powerful exercise, we will begin the process of changing them, to align to the person you need to become to make your dreams a reality. They won’t magically change overnight, but this is the first step to making the change.

Outcomeyou will decide on an aligned set of values and beliefs to enable you to move towards your vision with less internal resistance, whilst overcoming blockers that arise on the journey!

 Step 5 – Creating a 90-day IMPACT strategy

Here we will take all that we have learned and put it into a tangible, tactical strategy that you can use to start taking real action, because insight means nothing without action behind it.

We will work on a personalised strategy for you to:
1) embody the person you need to become to make your dream a reality

2) outline the actions that you need to take now to kickstart you on the journey to your future vision.

The beauty of this strategy is that you can re-use this framework over and over again. We will also explore how you can stay motivated and how you will celebrate all of your successes along the way!

Outcome – clarity of what the next steps are and how you will begin to execute them!

▵A supportive, thinking partner who will help you define a strategy that works for you, and who is solely interested in your progress and development towards the person you want to become and your goals.

▵1:1 one day intensive together on zoom (9.30am – 3.30pm with breaks included!)

▵20 min intro call to understand your needs prior to the session.

▵1-hour follow up coaching session within 90-days.

▵A personalised 90 day strategy including tactics and a re-usable framework so that you leave feeling empowered.

Shape Your Life Strategy Day – £697

If you are interested in the strategy day, send an email via the contact page and we can schedule an intro call together.

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