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You deserve to access your inner wild power and create the life you desire

I coach determined as f*ck womxn to overcome their fears & light up from within

You Deserve To Access Your Inner Wild Power And Create The Life You Desire

I coach determined as f*ck womxn to overcome their fears & light up from within

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‘If you have a burning desire inside, something you can’t quite explain but feel deeply within; if you know that you are not living the life that you are meant to, or have a big vision; then let’s have a powerful conversation.’
Rajni Ghir
Shape Coaching Founder

Do you feel internally misaligned? Do you have more to give, but you feel afraid? Is there a fire inside of you waiting to be seen? And the more time that goes by without feeding your inner fire, and giving it the light it so deserves, the more misaligned and unsettled you feel inside?

You feel like you’ve lost your sense of purpose.
Your sense of wonderment. Your sense of magic….

Yes! Tell me more...

You feel stuck in the ‘rat race,’ that we so often refer to as life.

At some point, you unconsciously decided to live from a place of fear and practicality, rather than a life filled with joy and passion.

My internal misalignment led me to severe anxiety and depression. I lived from a place of fear, and disguised it as being ‘practical.’

It’s practical to work in a job that doesn’t light me up, because I have bills to pay.’
It’s practical to follow what society expects of me because it’s what I should do.’
It’s practical to ignore my intuition and the wisdom of my soul, so that I am perceived as a responsible and successful woman.’

But it was impractical. It was downright painful to ignore my inner fire and intuition. 

And I can hear your thoughts right now. It isn’t self indulgent to want more and to dream of more for yourself. To allow yourself to live out your truth.


And this isn’t a judgment……

This is an awakening

I know how you feel. I get it. Because I have been where you are.
I know, because I lived it.

I know because I coach incredible, inspiring women who have been there too.  

And I realised this…

Everything you are meant to become
is already inside of you

You are already a powerful woman. And I’m here to stand with you, to shine a light on your truth, and empower you to unleash it out into the world.

Every moment you spend dimming your light,
you are robbing someone in need of your gift

If you’re reading this, and you feel energy rising in your body, you are simultaneously intrigued and scared; then let’s talk.

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I want to share two things with you:
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I spent my entire adult life not living on purpose…

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