Shape’s Mission

Shape serves women who are ready to face
their fears and step into their light.

Shape serves womxn who want to serve others.

Shape serves womxn who want to leave an impact on the world when they leave it.

Shape serves womxn who dream of creating an extraordinary life for themselves and others.

Shape serves womxn to let go of the power of their fears, and trust their intuition.

Shape serves womxn to shape their mindset and move into action.

The power of service and connection is at the heart of Shape, and our mission is to create powerful insights one conversation at a time. If we can change one life, we have succeeded in creating a positive ripple effect out into the world.

Shape’s values are CONNECTION, AUTHENTICITY and FUN. We want to empower our clients to be vulnerable and to become leaders of their lives; whilst having fun on the journey.

Shape exists to inspire people to live into their most powerful goals. The one’s that you don’t dare to dream because they’re too scary and feel impossible. We want you to dare to dream and then do the ‘impossible’.

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Life is not a rat race. Life, by definition, is ‘the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.’

Capacity for growth and continual change is the essence of life.

If you are ready to commit fully to your growth and continual change, then Shape is here for you.

Rajni Ghir

Shape Founder, Certified Life Coach,
NLP practitioner & Hypnotherapist

Please allow me to share two things with you: my story and why I live to coach.

My entire adult life was spent not living my purpose. I was always trying to impress my parents, my family, my peers at school and my colleagues. My decisions were driven by other people. I did things to please others and neglected my truth.

For years, I’d had been overstretched at work, in a high pressure environment and I was miserable. I didn’t believe I had a way out. I didn’t feel good enough to pursue anything else. And I didn’t have clarity in what an alternative life could look like.

I reached burn-out, was experiencing anxiety and panic attacks, and slipped into depression. It wasn’t until I hit the lowest moment of my life that I decided it was time to make a change. There was no other option at that point.

And what an empowering moment that was. I realised in my darkness, that I could make a change. With courage, I quit my corporate job and started my own life coaching business (it wasn’t on a complete whim, I did research and ensured I was financially stable, before handing in my notice).

I started to realise that the world I had created for myself was covered in limiting beliefs and constraints that I had put in place. And I was able to reshape my life to create a sustainable and fulfilled world for myself.

I choose to live with an attitude of gratitude and I have discovered that a bit of time doing personal development work (just a little everyday) has built up the kind of mental resilience that I didn’t know I had.

And now I work as a certified life coach offering people an opportunity to reshape their world and unshackle themselves from their self-limiting views.

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