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This is who I am creating myself as everyday.
I am a Creator.
I am the Soul of Truth. I love ALL beings ruthlessly, peacefully and indiscriminately.
I am God and God is me. I am a serving disciple of God, living in peaceful surrender in His will.
I, as I know it, no longer exists.
He creates the me that stands before you. With his grace, I exist.
I am the zero, undamaged by the plus he gifts me.
I am belief-less. I am Truth-full.
He acts through my being. I commit to keep this worldly vessel clear of thought and belief, so the wisdom of Truth can act through me.
I dance freely in abundance because I flow directly from its source.
I forgive quickly, without judgment and without exception.
I am peacefully powerful, living in the Knowing that I am the sound and light of universal consciousness.
I am love. I give love freely and abundantly without condition, distinction or exception.
I pierce through the thinking of ALL being before me, and speak directly to the Truth of what they are, not that which I or they see.
I create all beings as a the Soul of Truth.
I am peace.
I am limitless.
I am that, I live love and serve simply, relentlessly and extraordinarily.
I am that, I have no complaints.
I am that there is no past or future.
I am without mind or body.
I am effortless Truth.
Who are you creating YOU as everyday?

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